Our Mission:   Donate CBD products to cancer patients throughout the world.

How:   Our nonprofit organization sells first-class CBD for approximately 70% less than typical prices in stores and online. For every three-pack we sell, we donate one CBD product to a cancer patient.

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Fact:   Forty-two percent of new cancer patients lose their life savings.

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Why:   My brother passed away from pancreatic cancer a few months ago. He would have been 71 this month. CBD helped him manage his pain. To honor my brother, we will donate CBD to 71 cancer patients this month. Our goal is to donate CBD to as many cancer patients as possible. If you or your family member has cancer and would like to receive our free CBD, send us a message.

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Fair Price CBD was formed as a California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation because our friends that use this amazing product can’t afford the high price. Although CBD is now sold in major drug store chains and at well-known retailers throughout the US, it’s still quite expensive.

Roxie is an 83-year-old retired school teacher on a fixed income. She uses one bottle of CBD lotion every month to manage pain from arthritis. Roxie needs two bottles a month but can’t afford it. A typical price for 4-ounces of lotion with 150 mg of CBD is $39.99. How many of our nation’s 50 million arthritis sufferers can afford $80.00 a month for this wonderful product?

We approached the producer that Roxie buys from and asked if they would create a private label for us called Fair Price CBD. Our goal is to offer the same high-quality CBD lotion that Roxie pays $39.99 for today for as low as $10.00 plus shipping. Although this may be possible with online sales, we’d rather work with retailers to allow customers to see the product and ask questions in their favorite stores.


A certificate of analysis is available for each batch used to make our products listing the concentration of cannabinoids and certifying that it does not contain harmful microbiological contaminants, pesticide residues, or heavy metals. Our products are made from hemp that is grown in the USA without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. They contain certified hemp extracts, rich in active naturally occurring cannabinoids and essential oils which, when used regularly, promote a healthy inflammatory response while supporting the central nervous system and cell vitality. Cannabinoid-rich hemp products are being used effectively by people suffering from chronic pain or inflammatory conditions, as well as immune system and movement disorders including Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and epilepsy, to help manage their conditions. Tested for safety and potency, our products are effective at reducing stress, improving anxiety and promoting good health, overall well-being, and vitality. 

You may now purchase our products online (Click here to order) or at the following natural food stores.
Fair Price CBD is now available at:

Rainbow Acres
13208 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066

The Whole Wheatery
44264 N. 10th St. W.
Lancaster, CA 93534

New Earth Markets
1475 Tharp Road
Yuba City, CA 95993
864 East Avenue
Chico, CA 95926

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